Doctor Who Fan Builds Amazing Tardis Toilet!

tardis toilet

Tardis Toilet

Ever really needed to go? but someone else was in the bathroom? is the walk too long? this can be one of life's everyday little dilemmas...

But one Whovian by the name of Jason Kneen wouldn't take this problem lying down.

Yes, this avid Doctor Who fan actually built his very own Tardis toilet in the garden!

Sick of having to walk from his outside office to the house every time he needed the bathroom, the 45-year-old app builder commissioned a builder for the job.

Whilst the builder made the frame Jason added a fully functioning toilet, sink and heating. 

He also drew upon his tech expertise to add wifi and motion sensors, the toilet actually tweets every time it is used!

Inside Tardis Toilet

The dad of four from Faberstown, Wiltshire explained: 'It had a coffee machine, underfloor heating and all the little things I could possibly need - but the one thing it was missing was a loo.

'It was a pain having to go back into the house to go to the toilet and it wasn't great if I had clients coming over either.

'I thought about the logistics of getting one fitted in the office and how it would work - then my wife Hannah said "you've always wanted a Tardis, so why don't you get one and make it into a loo?"'

The toilet tweets every time when used, which means a message is sent out automatically to Twitter followers every time it is used.

Tardis Toilet Exterior

Jason can also control the toilet completely from an app, he said:

'I can control the toilet completely from the app - I can turn the lights on and off, or change the lighting and colouring remotely.
'It's a bit of fun, so I wanted it to have some cool gadgets and effects.

'Hannah loves it. Firstly, it does what it says on the tin, and secondly, it's handy for the kids playing in the garden, or when we have barbeques or I have clients over, so people aren't always traipsing through the house.

'It's a great talking point and ice breaker with visitors and clients.

'The kids think it's great too. The older three know who Doctor Who is - they don't watch it, although Leo has been trying to sneak in a few episodes.

'They think it's really cool. When it was first being built they loved to play in it, and now they use it all the time when they're in the garden.

'I love Doctor Who, and I've always been a fan - my office is kitted out with memorabilia, so it fits in perfectly.'


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