5 Cool Facts About The Queen's Crown!

Imperial State Crown Queen's Crown

Although Queen Elizabeth II is 90 years old she can still pull off the amazing imperial state crown.

Her Majesty actually practices putting on the hefty 1.06 kg (2.3 lb) ornamental headdress! for the annual Opening of Parliament Ceremony which is viewed millions each year. 

Imperial State Crown

1. The Crown is Heavily Guarded at The Tower of London

The Queen doesn't actually walk around Buckingham Palace wearing the crown with her corgis close by admiring her gleaming headdress as some may imagine. 

No, in fact, the crown remains securely locked within The Tower of London under close guard and watch where it is the main attraction amongst the crown jewels exhibit that is so popular with tourist.

And the keepers leave a note for the tourist when it is in use by the Queen.

2. It is 178 Years Old

Made by Rundell, Bridge & Co. originally for Queen Victoria's coronation in 1838, the earlier version of the crown weighed a massive 7 lbs. 

After the English civil war (1642 – 1651) Oliver Cromwell ordered the abolition of the monarchy and sale of the crown jewels.

Queen Elizabeth

3. India Wanted to Take the Crowns Kohinoor Diamond Back

Recently India wanted to take the crowns Kohinoor diamond back claiming it was stolen, and this went all the way to court until it was conceded that in fact the Kohinoor was actually given as a gift.

Solicitor General (SG) Ranjit Kumar had said, “If we claim our treasures like Kohinoor from other countries, every other nation will start claiming their items from us. There will be nothing left in our museums.”

4. The Crown Had a Retouch

Due to the crowns original bulky design it was made more comfortable for the Queen and redesigned. The arches were lowered and made to look more feminine.

5. It Has Literally Thousands of Diamonds!

The Imperial State Crown includes 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies! No wonder the weight of the crown can take its toll on Her Majesty.

Crown Jewels


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