Replica British Red Telephone Booth - Full Sized

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Want the most awesome taste of Britain at your home? well at Little British Shop we have full-size replica British red telephone booths, and this your chance to have one!

Guests will be amazed and have to do a double take when they see one of these at your home, stepping into one of these you won't be able to help but feel as though you're in England.

Constructed From Beautiful Classic Mahogany Wood:

  • The phone booths are constructed from beautiful sought after mahogany wood for visual and antique appeal.
  • Because of the new antique phone booths delicate and high-value mahogany wood, it is best kept protected from the weather under cover or indoors.
  • The thin top wood piece is perfectly bowed to replicate the classic British phone booth top design.

Full Life Size Replica measurements:

  • 89.5" T X 32" X 29 X 1/2" D
  • Door size is: 73 1/2"T X 29.5" W 
  • Opening is: 28" X 70 1/2"

New Antique Production:

  • Telephone booth has individually bevelled glass panels, for the classic authentic look.
  • And also comes with a solid brass knob that has been blackened to look antique.
  • A cross beam also runs along the inside top of the canopy for which you can attach a small fixture too and add your own additions such as lighting.

Keep Calm & Buy Yours Before it's Too Late: 

This replica British telephone booths are only made and supplied so often, for this lower price, so if we're sold out we apologise in advance.

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